CASC 2015-2016 Benchmark Report 

We had a total of 33 full members participate in our benchmark survey. We will be releasing individual sections of the report as seen below. CASC Membership can access the reports at no cost by logging in to our members only section. Non-members of CASC can purchase each report for $25.00 CAD.  Please contact us

Membership Rates (Now available)

In this section of the Benchmark Report, you will find data regarding memberships at CASC member institutions, such as the average basic annual rates for different age categories and the average membership renewal rate.

School Groups/Programs (Now available)

Interested in the most frequently used school group pricing structure among CASC member institutions? In this section, you will find data regarding school groups and programs.

Outreach (Now available)

In this section, you can expect data regarding pricing structures, geographical reach, and number of people reached on average from CASC member institutions. 

Admission (Now available)

If you are interested in the average pricing among CASC member institutions for different age categories, this section includes that data and more!

Attendance (Now available)

Interested in finding out which age category visits CASC member institutions the most? This section will cover total and average attendance for adults, children, youth and seniors, for onsite and offsite, for member visits, and so on.

Workforce (Now available)

Find out the total and average number of employees, FTE employees and volunteers among CASC member institutions in this section of the CASC Benchmark Report.

Facility (Now available)

In this section, you will learn what the most common facilities are within CASC member institutions, such as average building space and most common type of giant-screen/large format theatre among CASC members.

Financials (Available November 1, 2016)

Earned income, public and private funds, operating revenue and expenses and personnel expenses can be found in this section.

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