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Images from the 2017 CASCADE Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 CASCADE Awards Finalists!

Awards will be presented on Friday, May 11, 2018 at the annual CASCADE Awards Gala, hosted at the Coast Inn of the North in Prince George, BC. Join us as we recognize the outstanding people, programs and exhibits in Canada's science centres, museums, aquariums and planetariums! 

The 2018 CASCADE Awards Jury is pleased to announce nominations in the following award categories:

Best Exhibition or Show - Large Institution

This award is given annually for the best permanent, temporary or travelling exhibition or small multimedia, live presentation or planetarium show of a CASC Full Member.

Curious Creatures: From the Travels of Robert Ripley

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

Robert Ripley set out to uncover the world’s most unusual, awe-inspiring creatures and artifacts from around the globe. Guests walk in the footsteps of this modern-day Marco Polo at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada’s new Curious Creatures: From the Travels of Robert Ripley exhibit.

Indigenous Ingenuity: Timeless Inventions

Montreal Science Centre

Indigenous Ingenuity: Timeless Inventions is an interactive quest exploring Indigenous innovations from across Canada. Through a series of entertaining interactive activities, this 500 m2 exhibition sheds light on the ingenuity of the First Peoples and their influence on society.

Medavie Health Gallery

Discovery Centre

The Medavie Health Gallery ​exhibition inspires visitors of all ages to enhance their mental and physical health and gain a holistic understanding of how their brains and bodies work. Self-testing, interactive exhibits, and cutting-edge technology reveal how we can thrive in today’s world.

Michelin Corporate Foundation Innovation Lab

Discovery Centre

The Michelin Corporate Foundation Innovation Lab ​provides a creative environment where young adults can imagine, build, and test their ideas using the lab’s equipment and hardware. The space evokes a “funky” inventor’s lab or bike repair shop, where ideas become real prototypes. The setting enhances personal empowerment, reinforcing the “you-can do-it” theme.

Permanent Exhibition Gallery

Canada Science and Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum’s renewed 80,000 square foot exhibition hall explores Canada’s stories of science, technology and innovation past and present with an eye to the future. The permanent exhibition hall includes 11 exhibitions.

Planet MTL

The Biosphere, Environment Museum

Planet MTL is an innovative, educational exhibition designed to immerse visitors in learning about Urban Ecosystems. The exhibition challenges visitors to consider what they love about their city in the context of what makes their city livable, lovable and sustainable, despite modern issues such as pollution and climate change.

Ready, Set, Move!

Science North

This fully immersive, active and interactive theatre will take you on a journey into the world of healthy living. Movement-sensing technology allows your own activity to contribute to the story. You will jump, dodge, twist and play throughout the show, your actions helping our heroine, Anna, in her quest to save her family from an ominous, dark fog.

Renewal and Expansion Project

J. Armand Bombardier Museum of Ingenuity

In May 2016, after 45 years of existence, the J. Armand Bombardier Museum is undergoing a major transformation in terms of its infrastructure and content. Inspired by the work of J-A Bombardier and his successors, the J. Armand Bombardier Ingenuity Museum is now celebrating the creativity of the human spirit.

The Energy Show

Ontario Science Centre

The Energy Show is an interactive, high-energy theatrical presentation that explores the roles that potential sources of energy can play in our daily lives. It revolves around the fictional Aunt Tess, who is conducting important energy-related experiments. Visitors conduct experiments and upload data to help Aunt Tess explore different sources of energy. From solar to wind, from transformation to storage, this fun, live show incorporates the scientific method and engaging experiments to uncover the world’s ultimate source of power.


Science World British Columbia

Wonder is Science World’s gallery for early learners. This highly interactive gallery boasts 3,300 square feet for children age 0–5 to crawl, splash, build, climb and experiment. Child development experts collaborated with the Science World team to create this space that is designed for children to learn through play.

Best Exhibition or Show - Small Institution

This award is given annually for the best permanent, temporary or travelling exhibition or small multimedia, live presentation or planetarium show of a CASC Full Member.

Circuit d’interprétation de la MRC des Appalaches : Terre-i- stoire

Musée minéralogique et miner de Thetford Mines

The Terre-i-stoire project is a multimedia interpretation circuit of the mining heritage of the Appalachian Regional County Municipality (RCM). The project includes a digital inventory of the 58 mine sites in the Appalachian RCM, the installation of three information kiosks near former mining sites and the creation of an exclusive visit and 360-degree video module online.  

Disheveling! A Hair-raising Exhibition

Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum

Travelling and family-oriented, Disheveling! A Hair-raising Exhibition is about a surprising subject: hairs! Effective in tousling even the most prude and in healing trichophobia, it shows visitors the true nature of their human hair, but also that of animals, insects and plants.

Best Program

This award is given annually for the best onsite or offsite educational, interpretive, or public program.

Girls Night Out

Saskatchewan Science Centre

Girls Night Out connected young women aged 11 to 18 with professional engineers for a night of inspiration and exploration of the world around them. This event allowed youth to be inspired by engineering while using their creativity and innovation to develop skills in problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Living Lab

Science World British Columbia

Universities generate scientific knowledge through research. Science Centres translate that knowledge for public consumption. Science World’s Living Lab represents Canada’s first partnership between a science centre and a local university that bridges these critical endeavors, providing the public with opportunities to observe, participate in, and learn directly from cutting-edge experiments.

Mental Health: The Science of Anxiety

Ontario Science Centre

Mental Health: The Science of Anxiety is a collection of 45-minute interactive presentations for middle school or secondary students, delivered onsite or via videoconference. Educational outcomes for students include an understanding of the distinction between mental health and mental illness, the neurophysiological processes involved with anxiety, and evidence-based coping strategies.