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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

12:00 PM ET 

Opening Smudging Ceremony 

LYNN LUSH (She/Her) 

Indigenous Land Based Learning Navigator, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton

Lynn Lush (whose Indigenous name is Blue Thunderbird woman - ozhaawashko binesi ikwe) is originally from Manitoba. Lynn grew up in British Columbia with her adopted family. She is a survivor of the residential school system and the Sixties Scoop. At age 13, she started a journey to reclaim her traditional knowledge. She was taught by Elder Albert Lighting in Alberta, and several Elders from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia.

Lynn has lived in Edmonton for 10 years and is very active with Indigenous organizations. She enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge with students and others curious about Indigenous culture. Lynn is an accomplished craftsperson and teaches how to make fish scale art, dreamcatchers, medicine pouches, ribbon skirts. She also holds traditional knowledge in healing medicines.

12:20 PM ET 

Communicating Climate Science in Times of Polarization, Distrust, and Disinformation

Dr. Zhao will address how to counter climate change misinformation, how we can communicate climate science and encourage climate action, and best practices learned from a global perspective.

    JIAYING ZHAO, PhD (She/Her) 

    Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

    Dr. Jiaying Zhao is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia and the Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Sustainability. Dr. Zhao was a guest speaker on an Apple Podcast titled: “The Psychology of Interpreting Climate Science in times of Polarization, Distrust, and Disinformation.” and regularly speaks on the topic. She has also chaired roundtable discussions on climate change at the United Nations. Her research aims to use psychological principles to design behavioural solutions to address sustainability challenges, such as what cognitive biases people have regarding climate change, how to remove these biases, and how to promote behaviour change to mitigate climate change.



    Lead Staff Scientist for New Audiences and Research, Science North

    Katrina Pisani has a background in behavioural psychology, and is currently working with CASC and its members on research and evaluation of the GenAction project.



    Thursday, May 26, 2022

    12:10 PM ET 

    Equitable STEM Engagement in the Digital Era

    Visions of Science is a charitable organization that has a mission to transform communities, society, and the planet through equitable access to STEM. Throughout the pandemic, the transition to virtual has had unique consequences for children and youth living in low-income communities. In reimagining Visions of Science’s community-based STEM programming and adapting them for the digital context, many limitations and opportunities were noted resulting from the nature of this format.

    The Plenary will explore two guiding questions, 1) What lessons can be taken away from a transition to virtual programming focused on low-income and racialized communities?, and 2) How can the sector work to promote equitable STEM engagement for children and youth in the digital era? By exploring detailed insights about program model transitions and the resulting feedback from program participants, facilitators, and parents/guardians, presenters will illustrate their unique experiences navigating virtual programming across Visions of Science communities. The Plenary will share learnings and offer key recommendations for policy and practice as many look to continue their STEM engagement journeys in this increasingly digital world with equity top of mind.



    Dr. Krishana Sankar completed her PhD at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Medicine with expertise in Cellular & Molecular Biology. Dr. Sankar is currently the Science Advisor and Community Partnership Lead for CASC’s ScienceUpFirst initiative; she also leads a Science Communication project for COVID-19 resources Canada and volunteers as a Vaccine Safety Educator. She is also a science communicator and has been dispelling misconceptions around healthcare issues on social media and in communities for several years. Since the pandemic, she has been doing educational outreach about COVID-19 and the vaccines with communities in Canada and Guyana.

    DINA AL-KHOOLY (She/Her)

    Director, Research and Evaluation, Visions of Science

    Dina Al-khooly holds a Master of Public Health and has multidisciplinary experiences in science, public health, education, and community development. Since joining Visions of Science in 2015, she has worked to deepen the organization’s impact and grow its knowledge mobilization and advocacy efforts.


    CEO, Visions of Science

    Eugenia Duodu holds a PhD in Chemistry and has over 10 years of experience working in communities developing engagement and leadership programs. As CEO of Visions, she leads organizational strategic growth and development. She is an educator, speaker, community organizer, and advocate passionate about creating equitable opportunities for youth.


    COO, Visions of Science

    Turfah Tabish joined Visions of Science in 2013 and has taken on many roles, now overseeing the organization’s operations. She is passionate about inspiring youth to explore their potential and empowering them to be change-makers in their communities. Turfah holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics.

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