About CASC 2023: Communities For Change

From local action to global impact, community science engagement is essential for making positive societal change. The informal science learning sector functions as a community. Each organization is a hub that connects their audiences to each other, and to science relevant to their lives, their families, and their culture. From climate change to health to tackling misinformation, encouraging evidence-based decision making is essential for an equitable, thriving, and sustainable future. Each of us are leaders. Together, we drive change.

Founded in 1985, CASC has hosted 20 conferences from coast-to-coast-to-coast, connecting science centres, museums, aquariums, planetariums, zoos, and informal science educators. CASC’s role is to build relationships between science and society by providing knowledge, representation, support, and services for our members to thrive. Our mission is to help build a thriving science and innovation culture in Canada by making science approachable, relevant, and accessible. Visit to learn more.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters!

CASC is extremely grateful to the organizations that have chosen to support CASC 2023, and would like to thank them for their generous support. If you'd like to become a sponsor please contact our sponsorship committee at

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