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About CASC 2022 Learning Sessions 

The CASC conference is known for its quality of exchanges and conversations. We’re excited that this year's virtual format will make it possible for speakers from across Canada and around the world to share their ideas and experiences.

We appreciate your time and effort in submitting a proposal for the CASC 2022: ACTION TO IMPACT virtual conference.

Selection Process

We receive many submissions each year, and a session review panel of CASC Member champions are tasked with reviewing each submission. The submissions are sorted using the sub-themes and target audiences. Our goal is to bring together diverse perspectives of both professional and lived experiences from across Canada and mix in some international talent. It is also our goal to create a speaker line up that mixes well known, experienced speakers with those not as well known or new to the speaker circuit. Deliberations will be shared with all those who apply no later than March 25, 2022.

What our session review panel is looking for: 

  • Fast-paced formats of forty-five minute learning sessions.
  • Talks with a maximum of four (4) speakers with a diverse range of perspectives.
  • Live or Pre-recorded talks that are engaging and inclusive.
  • Practical talks with actionable advice and ideas.
  • Content that provides opportunities for questions and discussion.


The quality of the session is dependent on both the content, production concept for recording, and organization of the speakers.

1. Session demonstrates a connection to the overall conference theme and at least one sub-theme.

The goals of the conference are to inspire, to build capacity, and to foster collaboration. In a time of disruption, with organizations facing limited resources, the 2022 CASC: ACTION TO IMPACT virtual conference will examine actions for driving courageous change and creating generational impact.

The sub themes for the conference are:

  • Uprooting inequity: Mobilizing change for systemic impact
  • Collaboration In Action: Locally, regionally, nationally
  • Impact Evaluation: Methods and Strategies
  • Organizational Capacity: Evolution and Revolution 

See detailed descriptions here.

2. The learning session focus is well conceived and relevant to the selected target audience.

  • Content and ideas are clearly expressed
  • Defined target audience
  • Session has focused learning outcomes:
    • Impactful sessions focus on what participants will be learning from the session. CASC sessions are not unidirectional sales pitches or simply project reports. Attendees appreciate the honesty of the stories shared in sessions, peer learning, and clear lessons learned. Often, failures are as interesting as successes. 
  • Speaker (s) show a deep understanding of the content

    3. The presentation production plan is well conceived and developed.

    • Clearly outlines the process of the production concept for session recording or live delivery
    • Inclusion and accessibility strategies have been considered
    • Includes engagement techniques for virtual audiences

    Submitting your Learning Session Proposal

    The deadline for proposals is February 28, 2022, 11:59 PM PST.

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Tips for your submission

      • Titles matter! Really sell the talk. Make your title and description stand out from the others.
      • Use the present tense in the abstract. Do not use first person (I, our, we).
      • Submit more than one talk. We’re happy to take a look at a few different options from our speakers.
      • No product pitches. If that’s what you're looking for, reach out to to learn about sponsorship opportunities. 
      • Use the additional comments section to explain any relevant background you have. Was this session featured elsewhere? Did you have cheering fans after sharing your words of wisdom at another event? Tell us what we should know. 
      • Your submission should be complete, clear, innovative and coherent. Put your best foot forward! 
      • Make it clear what delegates will learn during your session.
      • Let delegates know what you’ll be talking about - Give examples.
      • Show some prior feedback on the session. Have you given this talk before? If so, share a link to a recording or feedback you received.
      • Your speaker bio is every bit as important as your learning session description. Share your story. 
      • Recognize that your talk should attract delegates from a diverse range of perspectives and worldviews. Be inclusive with your messaging to create a space of belonging. 

    Thank you to our sponsors and supporters!

    CASC is extremely grateful to the organizations that have chosen to support CASC 2022, and would like to thank them for their generous support. for information on sponsorship opportunities.