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This award is given annually for the best permanent, temporary or travelling exhibition or small multimedia, live presentation or planetarium show of a CASC Science Centre/Museum members.

EXPLORE Life-Sized Science

Montréal Science Centre

EXPLORE is about making audiences laugh and learn and immersing them in science and technology in a space filled with large and engaging interactives. Offering visitors 1,000 square meters in which they can explore 50 interactives, our newest permanent exhibition showcases technological and scientific principles in a life-sized format designed to create larger-than-life experiences.


Ontario Science Centre

MindWorks is a thought-provoking bodies-on and minds-on exhibition that encourages visitors to explore and learn about their own minds and how they think, feel and react. Through intriguing and thought-provoking experiences, this exhibition is designed to spark moments of mindfulness, challenging visitors to question themselves and discover answers experientially.


Saskatchewan Science Centre

JoyLab is a collection of curated experiences designed to provide Instagram-ready moments. Inspired by the book Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness by Ingrid Fetell Lee that draws on insight from neuroscience and psychology in exploring how the world around us can influence our lives.


Science North

Science North completed a major renewal of the 4th level of the science centre in 2019with a new space for visitors to do hands on tinkering, creation, and innovation. The new THINK (Tinker, Hack, Innovate, Network, and Know) space creates an exciting, interactive area for hands-on exploration and learning.


Science World 

BodyWorks is more than just a gallery about what's inside us. It's about all aspects of human biology: from our anatomy to how we move, to sexuality and gender. Empowering visitors age 6 and up to understand how their own bodies work, BodyWorks promotes human body positivity - for all!

Terra Lumina

Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo's Terra Lumina journey begins after nightfall when a portal carries you into the luminescent wonders of the year 2099. Let yourself be transported by vibrant lighting, multimedia effects, breathtaking video projections and an original score to an enchanted world filled with possibility.

Legends of the Northern Sky

TELUS World of Science - Edmonton

Legends of the Northern Sky is a planetarium show produced by TELUS World of Science - Edmonton honouring the legends and wisdom passed down through generations by the Indigenous peoples of the western planes of Canada. Production was a two-year collaborative process with regional Indigenous Knowledge Holders, filmmakers, and astronomers.


This award is given annually for the best permanent, temporary or travelling exhibition or small multimedia, live presentation or planetarium show of a CASC Science Centre/Museum members.

FILM Emergence: Cosmic Evolution

ASTROLab du Mont Mégantic

FILM Emergence: Cosmic Evolution. How could matter self-organize into life? From the tiniest particles to ecosystems, discover how the simplest elements have given birth to the most complex realities.


La Maison Léon-Provancher

Upon entering La Maison Léon-Provancher, visitors are put into contact with nature. They discover the living classifications and scientific method. Their visit continues with interactive devices, illustrative elements, naturalized animals and artefacts are combined in a stimulating journey presenting local biodiversity.

Sound, Only Sound!

Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science

Sound, Only Sound! is a traveling exhibition that focuses on sound! Sound is not only heard by the ears. This exhibition proves it by having visitors experience sound through their other senses. Yes! Through touch via hands and body (to feel the vibrations), as well as through sight.

Cultivate Your Inner Garden

Resurgo Place

An exhibition of modernized traditional art: hooked rugs – presented at Resurgo Place. Proposed within the framework of the World Acadian Congress, the exhibition created by the Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo presented 44 works and 16 texts on human links with nature and their past.


This award is given annually for the best onsite or offsite educational, interpretive, or public program.

Digital Discovery

The Discovery Centre

Digital Discovery is a unique, expanding camp program with a seven-year history of creative tech education that mixes project-based learning with visits from industry professional and unforgettable field trips. Small class sizes ensure support for all experience levels and industry partnerships expose campers to innovative career options in Nova Scotia.

The Science Centre - On the Road

Montréal Science Centre

The Montréal Science Centre (MSC) adapted its successful Fabrik program specifically to meet the needs of special education classes. The Fabrik program was designed to offer young people a chance to explore creative problem-solving by inventing, assembling and tinkering with a diverse collection of odds and ends. Under the name The Science Centre On the Road, this program was adapted to be led by Science Centre educators in classroom settings throughout the province.

STEAM Residency Program

Ingenium - Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation & Ontario Science Centre

The STEAM Residency Program engages students in grades 6-8 in STEAM experiences (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), to inspire interest and enhance skill development in these fields. The program integrates curricular subjects and scientific inquiry process during two classroom visits and five days onsite, co-planned with classroom teachers.

Northern Ontario Science Festivals

Science North

The Northern Ontario Science Festival engages various audiences in a week-long celebration that highlights and celebrates local and global science and technology in the festival locations of Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Thunder Bay. Each festival is a result of a collaborative effort of local community partners under the direction of Science North.

Adults Only Night - He, Her, They, Everyone, and You (A.K.A Beyond the Binary)

TELUS Spark 

In collaboration with partners in the LGBTQ2S+ community, Spark celebrated gender diversity and educated our visitors about gender and sexual identities, their intersection with science, history, and art, while strengthening community bonds. LGBTQ2S+ attendees and allies were welcomed into a brave space to learn and grow while having fun!


This award is given annually for the best onsite or offsite educational, interpretive, or public program.

Early Explorers Preschool

The Exploration Place Museum & Science Centre

The Early Explorers Preschool is a licensed preschool program set within The Exploration Place Museum + Science Centre in Prince George, BC. Children enjoy the only STEAM-based preschool curriculum in Prince George, balanced with circle time, art, songs, fine and gross motor play, and kindergarten readiness, set in a stimulating learning environment like no other in our area.

Take your Daughter to the Science Centre Day

Okanagan Science Centre

Take your Daughter to the Science Centre Day is held annually at the Okanagan Science Centre on International Women's Day. Attendance is free for everyone, and includes hands-on programs led by local women in STEM and a scavenger hunt that invites visitors to learn more about women's achievements in science.

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