International Science Centre Day

Thursday, July 28, 2016 11:13 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What follows is an invitation from ASTC to join them in international science centre day activities.  Please note that we are discussing potential Canada-wide activities that can help generate awareness nation-wide.  If you have ideas about what this could be, please send send them my way.

ASTC has joined with science center networks worldwide to establish the first annual International Science Center and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD) on November 10, 2016, with the support and assistance of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).  This day of global celebration, the first of its kind for our field, has been launched to help science centers everywhere gain recognition and support for the enormous contributions that they make in communities all over the world.  Our goal is to ensure that the activities of as many centers as possible are included in this campaign to recognize and support our field. 

ISCSMD will be an annual high-visibility event for the global science center community. This year, the day will focus on global sustainability. A quick glance at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will tell you that our science centers and museums are already deeply committed to engaging visitors on these important topics. 

This is your chance to show how your science center is making a difference in your community.  On November 10, we will celebrate with a variety of activities at science centers as part of a worldwide campaign to recognize our great work on global sustainability throughout the year.  We want to include as many CASC institutions as possible in this message. We hope that you will join your science centre colleagues in preparing for and participating in the ISCSMD!  Here’s how you can include your work in this special day and the associated campaign:

  • ·       Mark your calendars and save the date of November 10, 2016.  Be sure that you are included among the thousands of institutions that are invited to participate. Gain global recognition for your on-going activities, launch new initiatives, and share in the campaign to support our field.
  • ·       Visit the ISCSMD Website.  Add your stories to those of science centers and museums around the world that have written about their on-going activities in global sustainability.  This will be a vivid demonstration of how we are helping millions of people learn about these global challenges and become real agents of change. We need your examples to further strengthen our message. Don’t delay!  Non-ASTC members are welcome to participate
  • ·       Begin now identifying one or several activities (ongoing or planned) that might be designated on November 10, 2016 as supporting global sustainability and the objectives of ISCSMD.   The ISCSMD website’s toolkit will soon include logo files and communication suggestions to help you promote your ISCSMD activities. In the meantime, go to the website and complete the form at so we can include your participation on our interactive map, which will be unveiled officially at this year’s ASTC annual conference in September. Don’t wait to include your institution on the map!
  • ·       Stay tuned!  There is a lot more planned for ISCSMD, and we will keep you updated on all new activities and events as they are being developed in collaboration with science center networks throughout the world.
Thanks in advance for helping our field to increase our visibility and relevance through this worldwide collaboration.