Old school pool

Friday, July 29, 2016 3:36 PM | Deleted user

The Poke and Hope Gang from North Central Seniors went on an excursion Wednesday to try their hand at a competition-size billiards table stretching six feet by 12 feet long at The Exploration Place that dates back to 1910 when it arrived via the BX sternwheeler.

With pockets a bit narrower, the balls a bit smaller and the men playing poker pool, they all had to reach a bit farther than on most pool playing days so it quickly became a matter of who adapted the fastest to see who would rule the table.

"Man, that's a lot of table," said Howard Foot, president of the North Central Seniors Association, gazing at the sheer girth of the green surface on which the billiard balls rested before the break.

The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre acquired the table in 2003 by donation from the Kordyban family with the stipulation that it be played. Read more